Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home is where you hang your vinyl

God bless my husband he is very understanding about my craft habits. He bought me (for Valentines) a large metal shelf... you know the kind you find in most garages... for our bedroom to hold all my favorite craft supplies. I love love love it. I just had one problem. I had all these lovely rolls of vinyl. Hmmmm what to do.

That's when my hubby came to the rescue. I told him I wanted a way to hang up my vinyl and he came up with this cool rack. He designed it and made it just for little ole me. Go ahead... awwwwwww... I know I really do appreciate him. I love how well this worked out. I even gave it a quick coat of paint to make it match the room.

A close up of the design. He just drilled holes in the board and added dowel rods. I thought it was a great idea. :)I added my vinyl and some ribbon and couldn't be happier. All my stuff right at my fingertips. :)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snip Snip just like you

I needed a new look. I haven't cut my hair in FOREVER so when I saw A Girl and a Glue Gun got a new do I had the fever. I loved loved loved her hair and so I had to go get mine done.

Here link is here:

I have used blogs for all sorts of inspiration. This is the first time I have used it for my hair but I think I'm in love. LOL

My Copy is here:

I even liked it enough to play with my software a bit. I wish I lived in Cartoon mode. I love how much better I look. Ha!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stand back I am sewing pajamas! ;)

I am very new to sewing, but I am pretty sure I am addicted to sewing. I have a serious issue. I have spent hours and hours looking at fabric stores on the Internet. Anywhoooo I was drooling over some fantastic fabric when I came across some Dr. Seuss fabric. I have an eight year old who ADORES Dr. Seuss. His name is Sam and I think he believes he is the character in Green Eggs and Ham. I am absolutely sure I can recite that book in my sleep.
So of course that had to be some fabric I owned, well, or that Sam did. I ordered some and found a great simplicity pattern for pajama pants. Sam just neeeeeeded them don't you think?

I am pretty sure Dr. Seuss' Sam isn't such a Ham. I was trying to get him to show the detail on his pocket. I don't think he minded too much. LOL

P.S. I decided he needed a matching cover for the strap on his sling. Since he is a boy, his sling strap was stained about immediately. Gotta love living in a house full of BOYS. :)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A wonderful way to help others

I am very excited to find a new West Texas blogger this morning. Jamie over at Stitch 2 Buttercups has a very cute blog full of tons of great ideas. I was checking it out when I came across this one.

She was sharing about a project to make braclets for Russian orphans. I hadn't ever heard of Craft Hope, but they have all sorts of projects to help those in need. I love this idea. There are lots of projects I would love to make, but being Mom to all boys bracelets aren't usually on my to do list. What a great way to bless someone else. If you have some free time why not make a bracelet or twenty and send them to:

Carin Vogelzang
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

The deadline to send them in is June 15th. They are for kids ages 4-18. Any kind of bracelet will work.