Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home is where you hang your vinyl

God bless my husband he is very understanding about my craft habits. He bought me (for Valentines) a large metal shelf... you know the kind you find in most garages... for our bedroom to hold all my favorite craft supplies. I love love love it. I just had one problem. I had all these lovely rolls of vinyl. Hmmmm what to do.

That's when my hubby came to the rescue. I told him I wanted a way to hang up my vinyl and he came up with this cool rack. He designed it and made it just for little ole me. Go ahead... awwwwwww... I know I really do appreciate him. I love how well this worked out. I even gave it a quick coat of paint to make it match the room.

A close up of the design. He just drilled holes in the board and added dowel rods. I thought it was a great idea. :)I added my vinyl and some ribbon and couldn't be happier. All my stuff right at my fingertips. :)

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Lesley said...

Fantastic! Mine is all a mess in a few drawers in my kitchen.

AuroraMarie said...

I love the idea, is there anyway I can get the measurements?