Monday, November 7, 2011

Stowe Feed Lot

Ok this project started simply enough... with a board.  Just a leftover board.  I wanted to doone of those cool paint techniques on a dresser turned buffet.  I will show it to yall later when I finally get it finished.  I was waaaay to chicken to start on the buffet, so I figured I would play with an extra piece of wood first. 

So away we go.  I used a chocolate brown craft paint and watered it down a bit.  It started to look just like I hoped.  I just wanted a very very uneven coat.

Then I added a turqoise blue watered down paint on top.  I let some of the brown show through.

Is still really wanted a little more of the brown to show.  I saw on pinterest somewhere a tutuorial that suggested using masking tape.  So I decided to give it a try.  It did help to even it out a bit better.

You can see at the top.  It even  took it all the way down to the wood.  I love the added interest. 

So then I ended up with this cool looking piece of wood.  I couldn't just let it go at that.  Soooo I decided to make a sign for my kitchen.  Just a Sandie's kitchen or Mom's kitchen wouldn't quite get it.  Since I live in the great state of Texas, I decided on a feed lot sign.  I haven't ever seen one, but since I have three boys it is totally appropriate.  So I googled cow images and came up with the cutest cow ever.  So I drew it on and here it is in progress. He is cute isn't he???  I  happen to love love love cows, so he was just what I wanted.

Once I finished painting him, (Well, I didn't have any white paint. So we can pretend it's all painted right????  Who would have thought?  No white?!?!?  Crazy huh?) I need to do the lettering.  I hate my handwritting, so my handy dandy Cricut to the rescue.  I cut out the letters, and traced around them. 

Then I just painted them in and outlined them in black.  I love the finished product.  My poor buddy got about 100 text pictures during this project, but I just loved it more and more.  So here is the finished sign.

So all that was left was to hang it on the wall.  It looks just perfect in it's new home. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A chair with a little MOJO!!!!

Halloween always means it's time again for the Permian High (yes that Friday Night Lights School) Orchestra's Spooktacular.  They have a fun concert that the kids all dress up for, have raffles and a silent auction.  For the last three years my niece has been a part of their orchestra and I have always made something to donate.  This year my sister had this cool chair she wanted to redo for the auction.  She didn't know what to do exactly so she started with painting it in black and white.  Then she dropped it off at my house.  Of course I wasn't smart enough to take a real before picture.  So here is the beginning picture.  lol

Our mascot is the panther so some paw prints were in order.  I just love using vinyl and my cricut.  It doesn't get much easier.  ;)  I just cut them out and started placing them around the seat.  The I cut a panther and the word Mojo for the backrest.  I think the front looked pretty cool. 

Now that the front looked so good the back needed a little love.  So I went ahead and cut Permian Panthers to go across the back. 

It was a hit at the auction.  I was glad they liked it.  We helped earn a little extra for the orchestra.  It was a win win right??

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