Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The anytime wreath

I needed to take down my Easter wreath and wanted to put something up to replace it, BUT there is nothing to put up just yet.  I hate to put out patriotic stuff already because it hangs out until the 4th of July.  I need an anytime wreath.  I had pinned several that I liked now I just need to make it my own.  I went to hunt for ribbons that I would like.  After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby this is what I came home with.   I wanted leopard print ribbon, but didn't find anything that I liked, however I found a peacock ribbon I LOVED.  So with just a little tweaking I found some great options.

I started out by spray painting the green wire wreath black.  I didn't want it to show anywhere.  Then I grabbed my deco mesh and went to work.  I will warn you, I had to go back to get a second one.  My wreath is HUGE.  I didn't realize how big it would end up.  The deco mesh was fun to work with.  This was the first time I used it and I am in love.  :)

It still looks pretty thin, but don't worry it fills in nicely when you add the ribbons.  Once I got the mesh finished I started weaving the other ribbons in.  First the gold, then the peacock.  I tried the blue, but it was just too overpowering.  I didn't like the results. 

So when I added the ribbons in, I decided I would add a wooden letter S in the center for some added interest.  I didn't really want it to be plain.  I also spray painted it black then I added glitter.  It came out awesome.  I went ahead and hung it out, but wasn't quite satisfied. 

It looks pretty, but it is pretty dark.  I wanted to add the blue in again, but not all over.  So I made small bows and added them in.  I am in love with the final results. 

I may have to find a place inside to hang it when it's time to put out the Memorial Day decorations.  ;)

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