Thursday, May 12, 2011

A wonderful way to help others

I am very excited to find a new West Texas blogger this morning. Jamie over at Stitch 2 Buttercups has a very cute blog full of tons of great ideas. I was checking it out when I came across this one.

She was sharing about a project to make braclets for Russian orphans. I hadn't ever heard of Craft Hope, but they have all sorts of projects to help those in need. I love this idea. There are lots of projects I would love to make, but being Mom to all boys bracelets aren't usually on my to do list. What a great way to bless someone else. If you have some free time why not make a bracelet or twenty and send them to:

Carin Vogelzang
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

The deadline to send them in is June 15th. They are for kids ages 4-18. Any kind of bracelet will work.


Sharon said...

That is cool to see your interest in Craft Hope. I actually know and went to school with the founder of this organization. She is an awesome lady!

theb5 said...

thanks for checking out my reading nook! Just read this post and am so interested in the organization!One of my good friends and her husbands adopted two(TWINS)from a Russian orphanage. I will pass this info to her and my children and I can make some, too!
Thanks and have a great day!