Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stand back I am sewing pajamas! ;)

I am very new to sewing, but I am pretty sure I am addicted to sewing. I have a serious issue. I have spent hours and hours looking at fabric stores on the Internet. Anywhoooo I was drooling over some fantastic fabric when I came across some Dr. Seuss fabric. I have an eight year old who ADORES Dr. Seuss. His name is Sam and I think he believes he is the character in Green Eggs and Ham. I am absolutely sure I can recite that book in my sleep.
So of course that had to be some fabric I owned, well, or that Sam did. I ordered some and found a great simplicity pattern for pajama pants. Sam just neeeeeeded them don't you think?

I am pretty sure Dr. Seuss' Sam isn't such a Ham. I was trying to get him to show the detail on his pocket. I don't think he minded too much. LOL

P.S. I decided he needed a matching cover for the strap on his sling. Since he is a boy, his sling strap was stained about immediately. Gotta love living in a house full of BOYS. :)

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Just Jaime said...

Very cute!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

What a great idea! So glad you linked up to my BFF link party!