Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new Painted Poppy Creation

I have blogged once before about painting at the Poppy.  I love to go there and spend a few hours lost in painting.  When we re-did the kitchen I of course NEEDED to make a platter to go with the new look.  I guess the truth is it was much more of a wwwwaaaanted to make one, but ya know whatever works.  LOL  Anyway I wanted to use my favorite fabric as an inspiration.  Just in case you forgot what it looks like here it is.

This is the same fabric my mother in law used to make my new curtains.  I love love love it more everyday.  I am so glad we went with bright colors in the new kitchen it has been fun.  I have a few projects I am working on that when I finish them you will be the first to know, cause I am dying to share them with y'all.  :)
Ok soooo if I can focus for a minute I will show you the new platter I painted.  Here is a quick before it's fired pic.

  It blows my mind how much the firing changes the look of the pottery.  I was very excited with the finished product before firing and could hardly wait to pick it up. I guess Kim (the owner of the painted poppy) couldn't either because she texted me a picture before I could come to pick it up.  ;)  I was so excited.  It turned out even better than I hoped.  So without further ado... here it is!

I knew just where I wanted it to live.  Right inside the hutch in my new kitchen.  I think it looks pretty at home there don't you?

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Margo said...

Yet another awesome platter! One of these days I need to go with you, it has been so long since I have gone. said...

Matching fabric w/ pottery? That has got to be about the coolest thing ever. Thanks for linking up.

Sandie said...

Margo yes you need to come with us. It is almost as much fun as the movies. LOL
Trophy wife thanks :)

Shannon said...

You could have told me you bought that and I would have believed you - beautiful!! Stopping by from A Glimpse Inside