Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hoo are you? Gotta love Tuesdays

Here are this week's questions!

1. What are your favorite 3 things about fall?
I love the cooler temps.  I live in TX so cooler means high in the 80's but I am thrilled to have it.  I also enjoy getting back to the routine of it fall. With school starting and football practice I get into a routine and I love to have a regular routine.  The best part about fall is the coming holidays.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!! 
2. Are you a football fan and if so who is your favorite team?
I love football.  I graduated from Permian High School (yes, the Friday night lights school) so football is kinda a big deal.  I love to watch my son play the most.  He is only in pee wee football, but I love it.  I guess my favorite team is "Da Bears".  Well for now.  I tend to pick favorite players and follow them.  I know I am weird.  LOL

3. What is your favorite fall scent?
Pumpkin pie spice.  MMMMMM Yay for fall!
4. So you have seasonal allergies?
Yes Yes Yes!  I am stuffed up this morning and will be for the next few months. 
5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
LOL I start in Jan.  I am one of those crazy people.  I look for Christmas gifts all year round.  I love to give the "perfect" gift not just a gift, and that just takes time.  ;)


Mandi@MandiBeingCrafty said...

I am with you I like to give someone the 'perfect gift'. Stopping by from Hoo Are You

Nicole said...

Allergies in TX?!? Never. ;) I'm right there with ya sista. Hopefully you got some of the crazy rain we got here in New Braunfels.
I shop year round too. :)

Tonya said...

You are not weird in my book, I have favorite teams but I tend to follow other teams because of the coaches! I love Tony Dungy (ex Colts) and Jeff Fisher (ex Titans) I hope they both get back in to coaching soon!