Sunday, August 7, 2011

I can't believe all the junk on here

One of the many blogs I follow is Tales of a Trophy Wife. She added the funniest post about what is on her nightstand, and I decided to play along. So true confessions, here is a picture of my nightstand:
I have a horrible habit of working on projects late at night.  My hubby is usually at he computer desk in our room so I end up  using my poor nightstand.  I have on it tonight...
The phone actually on the charger
A box of recipes (this is for a Christmas project I have been working on)
My Twilight Books (I am totally Team Edward and totally addicted!)
You will notice I have a stack of papers on top of that it includes...
the school supply lists for my boys
misc. papers from registration
the new Entertainment Weekly magazine (it's the Hunger Games edition YAY!)
a mother's day card
another cookbook
a bag of supplies for Polish Christmas stars (I will do a post on those sometime in the near future)
and last but not least my alarm clock
Oh yeah and a nice layer of dust from sanding down the cabinets in the kitchen remodel (I have reclaimed some of our house but our room is last on the list)

So feel free to play along.  If you do please share the link!  I would love to see what's on your nightstand...  well, unless it is much cleaner than mine.  ;)


Nicole said...

Mine looks like that too. It actually helps me sleep. How's that? I make a list of what I am thinking of and then I don't dwell on it while I am trying to sleep. That and my hubby likes to play xbox or watch tv before he goes to bed. Working on those mini projects gets some of it out of my system. ;) said...

Love it! I may need to go get that EW Hunger Games Edition. I knew they were making a movie, but I didn't know it was coming so soon.