Thursday, August 18, 2011

Helpin a sister out

My BFF Margo is  auditioning for Season 9 of So You Think You’re Crafty this week!  She harassed me into blogging and we are crafting buds on a pretty regular basis.  So I am asking no begging for you to head over to SYTYC and vote for her project.  It is #8.
If you have never heard of SYTYC, here’s an explanation from Missy, the host:

SYTYC is a head-to-head crafting competition. Every 10 weeks a new group of crafters is selected. Each week the crafters are given a theme and YOU vote for your favorite. The winner makes a free tutorial and the loser gets ‘sent home.’
I didn't realized the voting had already started so she only has till tomorrow night for everyone to pop over and vote if you do like her project. I have submitted my Halloween Scrapbook House. If you don't mind heading over to So you think you're Crafty and take a look at everyone and vote I would love it. Thanks for stopping by!

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