Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whoo are you

One of my favorite blogs has a get to know you set of questions called... Whoo are you?  I always think this is a neat idea and today I actually caught it before it was a week or more old, so here you go...

Here are this week's questions!

1. Are you enjoying the summertime?
I love summertime more than should be allowed by law!  I am a stay at home mom who is married to a teacher, so summer is my favorite.  I get to have lots of free time with the whole family. 

2. What activities have you done in the last week?
We have been out of town, swimming, out to our local drive in (one of my favorite summer things!), and gotten in lots of reading and relaxing. 
3. What types of food do you tend to eat more of in the summer?
We eat lots of grilled foods.  We love to bar b cue in the summer.   If you can throw it on the grill we will eat it.  We also make homemade ice cream about 10 times during the summer.  mmmm I may need to make some ice cream tonight.  :)
4. How much time are you spending outside?
We haven't done much of that this year.  It's been over 100 most of the summer so unless we are swimming we are inside.  We have done tons of bowling to make up for it though. 
5. Is there any fun projects you are working on inside or outside your house?
We are always working on something I think.  Right now we are redoing the bathroom.  I am very excited because when that's finished I get to move on to the kitchen. 
So Whoo are you?  Feel free to give your answers too.  You can even link up at:



Jaime @ Stitch2buttercups said...

I love Hoo Are You, but I don't always remember to do it each week. :-) So excited to see a fellow blogger here in Odessa! I am your newest "stalker" and I hope you and your family are able to stay cool this summer. :-)

Cinna said...

Found your blog today, and I like your creativity;) Good questions to answer...Greetings Cinna in Stockholm

Sandie said...

Jamie- I am so excited you are stalking me. I have been stalking you for awhile. I can't believe your from Odessa too. Wow small world. :)

Cinna- Thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home.