Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christmas in July- Advent Calendar

I love Christmas more than should be allowed by law.  It is my favorite time of year.  I always try to push the envelope and put the tree up a little earlier and earlier.  I usually start working on Christmas about this time of year because that's the only way I will finish half of what I would love to accomplish.  Last year I was out doing some back to school shopping at Staples when I found 15 of these little babies.

Even better they were on clearance for 50 CENTS each.  I immediately thought they would make an amazing advent calendar.  However as I mentioned there were only 15.   I left for the next nearest Staples immediately.  After the 30 minute drive I was very disappointed to find there were NONE there.  BOO!  Oh well I figured I could find some on the Internet, and headed home.   I had one small problem I have to this day no idea what these are called.  Do you?  Feel free to enlighten me if you can.  So then I had to figure out another option.  Nothing a little trip to the Hobby Lobby couldn't fix. So off I went to the Lobby and found these little gems.

They are just your basic paper mache boxes, but they are roughly the same size and worked perfectly.  I was ready to get started.  I knew what I wanted, but I wasn't too sure how to accomplish it. 

First I decorated the boxes. 

The metal boxes were easy.

I simply cut strips of
scrapbook paper
 to cover the sides... 
Then I cut a matching circle for the top.

 I found several different shapes in the paper mache boxes.  Then I painted them, and even wrapped a few like gifts.  You can do so many different things with them.  It's really just whatever you like. 
Then I added some magnets to the back. 

Of course I needed some Zebra stripes.  ;)

Last but not least I had to have some kind of metal board to hang them on.  I knew just the man to call.  You guessed it, DEAR OLD DAD.  I described what I wanted and he whipped up a framed sheet of galvanized sheet metal.  It was perfect.  I painted the frame white, and added candy stripes with red vinyl.

 Add all the boxes and VIOLA!

 I love this Advent Calendar!

The best part is all the options.  Last year we added all sorts of goodies for the boys to enjoy.  We had candy, movie tickets, a card good for pictures with Santa, and dinner at each of the boys favorite places. 

What would you put in there?
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Rachel @ A Tall Drink of Water said...

I too love Christmas more than I should! I put my tree up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving last year...and I got so much flack for it! LOL! Love that advent calendar. Wish I had some little ones to do it with. Stopping by from Sundae Scoop!

Brett and Bree Lee said...

Ikea sells those little round ones! and they are magnetized! They call them GRUNDTAL
Container, stainless steel here is the link. I dont know if they are the same size as yours, but thats the closet thing I know of!

Sandie said...

Thanks Guys. :)

Mrs Kirbie said...

Love it! We are Christmas fans at our house too. I usually have to threaten my husband to not put the tree up before Halloween! :)

Fantasy said...

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