Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

We have been having Vacation Bible School this week at our church. It has been lots of fun. We are teaching the kids about the book of Daniel. I was asked to make cupcakes on the night we studied the lion's den, and knew just what I wanted to do.

When I was a kid my Mom always made ice cream cone cupcakes for school events. They are great because they make much less mess for the kids. So I got some cake cones and a cake mix and I was ready to go.

First you make your cake mix as directed.  Then you begin filling the cones with batter.  I filled them just to the top ridge of the cones.
As you fill them you simply stand them in a pan.  Be careful they turn over easily.  Then you bake them.  It takes about 15 minutes longer than regular cupcakes.  The toothpick test works well with this.

They bake up well.  I had several people ask me if the cones burn or have trouble, but just so you have no doubts here is one standing alone. 

Don't they look cute?  I haven't even frosted them yet.  Well, tonight was the lions den story so my  kids and I decorated the cupcakes like lions.  I let them come up with the design and I think they did a great job.  What do you think?
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Cherie said...

Those are AWESOME!!! I will definitely have to try that ... when I get an oven. lol :)

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These are adorable. I keep forgetting to buy ice cream cones to try making these! Maybe now I'll remember. Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House !

Sandie said...

Thanks guys. They are fun, and taste great. Now my nephew is driving me crazy to make more. He wants them for his 16th birthday cake this year.

Megan said...

These look so yummy!


Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

How cute!! I would love it if you would link up to my Cupcake-a-Palooza cupcake link party going on now: I hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Aw- my mom used to make me these for birthday treats back in the day! yummy!!

Deb said...

Sandie - thanks so much for coming and visiting my little part of Texas! I'm so glad you did. I just love the fun things you have on your blog. Those rag quilts are BEAUTIFUL!! I think I may have to give it a try. Hope you'll come by often. Great to meet you!

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts said...

I'll have to try this out! You made it look so easy. My kiddos would love them. :) Following from I Heart Naptime link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog {if you haven‘t already!}. Hope to see you there.