Saturday, June 11, 2011

A longhorn Locker Room for my Moose

After redoing Holden's bedroom I decided we needed to do his bathroom too. My husband always love when that happens. :) I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
First the door-

Then we needed a new sink. This tiny bathroom had a HUGE vanity so we opted for a pedestal sink.

Of course since it is "Moose's Locker Room" we had to add some football touches. :) I had this old helmet I bought at a garage sale for $3.00. It was blue and red, but with some spray paint and a little vinyl I think it turned out AWESOME!!!! Yes I am pretty pleased with myself, but nothing compared to Holden who now thinks I can move mountains. LOL

The final touch was a "locker". My hubby and I put our heads together and he got out all his magic tools and this is what we came up with. I of course supplied the paint and vinyl. ;)

The final touch was some encouraging words from a coach. Our high school football team
(love those Permian Panthers) have these 16 Steps of a Champion on the way into their locker room. I loved them and thought they needed to be included in our locker room too.

Never underestimate your opponent.
Work on your weaknesses until they become your strong points.
Remember that a great effort is usually the result of a great attitude.
Dedicate yourself to a mighty purpose.
Win with humility; lose with grace.
Ignore those who discourage you.
Work to improve your moral and spiritual strengths as well as your physical ones.
Remember that how you conduct yourself off the field is just as important as how you conduct yourself on the field.
Talent is God-given — be humble. Fame is man-given — be thankful. Conceit is self-given — be careful.
Don’t ask to be deprived of tension and discipline — these are the tools that shape success.
Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done.
Remember when you’re not working to improve, your competition is.

I loved how it all turned out, and Holden was just thrilled. So this is a home makeover success. :)

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Cherie said...

Wow! That looks awesome! Congratulations! You should be very proud. :)

Ashh10 said...

This is very cool. I am going to show it to my little brother and see if he wants something like it in his bathroom!