Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ok I give up... I need heeeeellllpppp

We redid our bathroom this summer.  Well, my hubby did a wonderful job of tiling it for me.  Then I painted all the walls.  Somehow I have become the designated painter in our house.  I really don't like to paint, BUT the results are very rewarding.  I love the way it all has turned out, but I can not figure out what to put on the walls.  I have had bathrooms decorated for little kids and now I don't know what to do with a more grown up version.  I have four canvas waiting for inspiration to hit.  I hope maybe y'all could help.  Any brilliant ideas?  I guess I should show you what we have to work with.  First we tore out the old floor.

The help was enthusiastic anyway.  Our old vinyl tiles came up pretty easy. Then we took the shower apart, and of course found some water damage on the wall.  No project ever goes without surprises.  So my hubby ripped it out and put up some new sheet rock. 

What a mess!!!!!  We had to make more than a few trips to Lowe's and my son was sick of waiting on us to decide so he found a comfy spot to read.  OH MY!!!

He thought he was pretty funny. 

Once the everything was back together we got busy add the tile.  I loved the way it was turning out.  The glass mosaics I picked out were a pain in the neck, but turned out perfect.  I love the added detail they provided. 

All that was left is to add the grout.  We choose a sand color similar to the tile.  In hind site I would have chosen a darker color.  It is HARD to keep clean.  Oh well, live and learn right???

I know the color is very different in these two pics.  It is because it was different times during the day. 
The floor was a bit simpler because it was just plain tile. 

See how light in color the grout is.  Don't do it. 
No matter how you are tempted.  Just say no.  LOL 

I love the shower curtain I found.  It is so pretty.  Living in a house with all guys it's hard to do pretty without complaints.  With the dark colors I didn't have to hear that it's too girly.

So can Ya'll help me out.  What quotes would you use in the bathroom???

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Just Jaime said...

Your remodel looks great! Not sure about quote, good luck finding one you like!

Chatty Chics said...

Love the new tile! Looks great! Good job!
PS Come show off at my place on Wednesday if you can! You could win a $5 Starbucks card!