Thursday, April 7, 2011

It was FrAmEd!

I am working on redoing my boys room. It is FINALLY time to redecorate Mikey and Sam's room. They are very excited and when I asked them what theme they wanted to go with they both answered Science. HMMMMM... I suggested doing a space theme, but they were quick to inform me Science was more than space. Then I am sure you could hear crickets chirp. What on Earth do you do with that!?!?

Well, fast forward a few months and I finally have a direction KINDA. It will still have an awful lot of space stuff, but I have come up with some other aspects of science to include.

Ok now that I said all that, here is the first of several projects that went along with that. I have lots of cool posters to frame. I really didn't want to spend a small fortune on frames, but I do want them to stay on the wall without constantly falling. A friend suggested using small trim molding to make my own "frames" I thought this sounded like a pretty good plan. I was at the local craft store and came across these balsa wood pieces. I thought they would work perfectly. So I painted them black and nailed them to the wall. I think it turned out pretty good.

P.S. I got this awesome picture of the swamp from my brother in laws photo site. You can order one too if you love it.

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