Monday, July 12, 2010

O.k. I think I need an intervention!!!! I have started crafting Christmas projects and I just can't stop. I am having way too much Christmas fun for July! I have been working on a few different thing, but am just sharing one today. I am making... ORNAMENTS. I know gee how original, but I just love how they are turning out. There will be many more projects between now and Dec. 25th, but check out these snowflakes for now. :)

I used my cricut to cut some chipboard. When it's cold outside is one of the coolest cartridges. It has all sorts of awesome snowflakes. I cut four of my favorites, the nativity, Santa around the world, candy, and a gingerbread. Then I painted them and applied Martha Stewart glitter before the paint dried, and here is what you get. :)

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