Tuesday, June 1, 2010

`A new room for Holden

Okay I know I am a bad mom. I started working on Holden's room about a year ago. We had a great plan. I just wasn't too sure how to execute it. hmmm. So his room remained unfinished for quite a while. Well fast forward a few months. I got my cricut and yet I still wasn't sure what to do with his room. Through some research, I found sure cuts a lot software to go along with my cricut. Now I could cut anything with my cricut if I could turn it into a scal file. So I made a few fun football helmets for his wall, and did a great makeover on his celling fan. I just love this software!!!!

I have also decided to include scripture in each of the rooms of my house so here is Holden's verse.

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